Integrating Special Needs Individuals into Digi-holistic Education

The 'INSIDE' is an innovative project which focuses on social inclusion of Special Education Needs(SEN) students, strengthening the profile of the teaching profession and innovative practices for the target group of SEN teachers, parents and students in a digital era.


  • To strengthen the strategic and structured cooperation between higher education institutions.
  • To enable SEN teachers to embrace an innovative Digi-holistic teaching Module in classes.
  • To develop high-quality educational systems for SEN students (in line with the ECEC Council Recommendation) with regards to teaching-learning materials.
  • To enable SEN students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities(MID) to acquire 'Social adaptation skills' through innovative digital content.
  • To create free digital-educational resources with a creative commons license.
  • To adapt to digital changes in education at the organizational level.
  • To increase SEN teachers' and SEN parents' pro-European minded digital literacy skills and increase awareness for digital inclusion of the disabled in the society.
  • To support the development of recommendation policy on digital inclusion in SEN.
mother and child picture