Who we are?

'INSIDE' is an innovative project that focuses on the social inclusion of people with Special Educational Needs, reinforcing the profile of teaching and innovative practices for teachers of SEN people, parents and students in the digital age.


Antalya Provincial Directorate of National Education is a regional public authority which is in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities from pre-school education to the end of the secondary education in Antalya Province including 5 central and 14 provincial districts. Our institution aims to improve inclusive education and eliminate the barriers of students who need special education to reach equal education opportunities in our region.


Akdeniz University (AU) was founded in 1982 in Antalya and incorporated several higher education institutions in the West Mediterranean region of Turkey. From its foundation to the present day, AU has played a significant role that provides added value to the entire country from a starting point in the West Mediterranean region by implementing important activities of vital importance in the fields of education, research and development, and in the services it provides to society. Akdeniz University has put its signature on a list of outstanding successes in the fields of health, science, social development, education, language, and arts at both the national and international levels. Akdeniz University has 69,030 students and 4,303 members of the academic and administrative staff.


AIJU research centre is a private, non-profit making organization aiming to boost research, development and technological innovation in child products, toy and leisure industry. AIJU offers you a wide range of technological services aimed at improving the quality of your products and business competitiveness, adapting your products to legislative and technological requirements, and market forces at any given time; in the areas of child and product safety, technology advice, testing, design and product development, prototyping, improved industrial processes, adapting products to the market, consumer knowledge of children, psychologist counselling, training, etc. We work to train the professionals of our associated companies.


University College Dublin (UCD) is represented by the UCD School of Education. Founded in 1854, UCD is Ireland’s largest research university with over 37,000 students currently enrolled. The school of Education within UCD is consistently recognised for its record of excellence in teaching and learning, which is built on a foundation of research excellence. UCD is ranked within the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide and is committed to combining research and teaching to create innovative programmes that respond to changing needs in the education system.


The UNIVERSITY OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY/EUSKAL HERRIKO UNIBERTSITATEA (UPV/EHU) is a public, research-oriented university that is committed to the creation of knowledge and its transmission to society. In itself, the UPV/EHU is a space for generating new ideas and setting up innovative projects. Thus, in its attempt to advance in towards a more inclusive society "leaving no one behind" and, from the use of Communication and Information Technologies, its contribution to the project consists of providing inclusive educational contexts for testing and developing to test and develop, within the ordinary classroom, the application that will improve social skills of children with intellectual disabilities.